Classic Sitcom Characters Who Attend Memorable High School Reunions

This mid year checked number 35 for me, and I commended it the same way I did the greater part of my other secondary school class reunions. I stayed home.

Of the 320 individuals who graduated with me path in 1981, I have stayed in contact with the about six I was near in those days. The others, while I wish them no hardship, I truly have no yearning to reconnect with.

Despite the fact that class reunions are not for me, I have delighted in TV appears with characters who have gone to theirs. Here are seven great sitcoms that publicized a scene on which no less than one consistent part took an interest in a secondary school class get-together.

All in the Family

Archie (played via Carroll O’Connor) reluctantly consents to go with Edith (played by Jean Stapleton) to her get-together, where the most expected visitor will be her secondary school sweetheart Buck Evans. The previous track star, now corpulent and uncovered, is unrecognizable to everybody except Edith.

The Andy Griffith Show

Agent Barney Fife (played by Don Knotts) foresees reviving his sentiment with Thelma Lou (played by Betty Lynn) when their Mayberry class gets together, just to find that she has hitched another person.

The Love Boat

Julie McCoy’s (played by Lauren Tewes) kindred graduates are commending their tenth on board The Princess, where she observes that her previous beau is still pulled in to her and her most loved educator (played by Raymond Burr) is a heavy drinker.

Hitched With Children

Peg Bundy (played by Katy Sagal) goes to her get-together with the sole aim of being chosen as Prom ruler, an objective she figures out how to fulfill with some shrewd assistance from child Bud (played David Faustimo and little girl Kelly (played by Christina Applegate). Coincidentally, the hesitant Al (played by Ed O’Neill) wound up in a battle with a kindred graduate.

The Simpsons

A scene titled “The Front” is focused on the get-together of the Springfield Class of ’74 of which both Homer and Marge were individuals, just Homer discovers from Principal Dondelinger that he never really graduated.

Family Guy

Subside Griffin goes to his secondary school get-together and meets NFL quarterback Tom Brady in a scene properly called “Loyalist Games.”

Brilliant Girls

“Home Again, Rose” is the name of the scene in which a heart assault powers Rose (played by Betty White) to miss her class get-together. Rather, the ladies all later go to Blanche’s (played by Rue McClanahan) and put on a show to be other individuals.

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